Frequently Asked Questions

What's this website for?

To publicise the shows and activities of Footlights Alumni in London, Edinburgh, and elsewhere. We hope that this will provide a valuable resource, in particular for recent graduates in the early stages of careers in performing or writing.


Who are Footlights Alumni?

Anyone who was in the Footlights (generally speaking you qualify if you helped with one of its shows).


All right, you know what my next question's going to be, don't you?

Ask it anyway.


Okay. What is/are the Footlights?

A comedy club for students at Cambridge University. Some people call it 'the Footlights', other just 'Footlights'. Either's fine.


And there's an Alumni Association, is there?



Do you want to say a bit more about that?

All right. The broad aim of the Cambridge Footlights Alumni Association (CFAA) will be to maintain a sense of continuity within the Club and a connection with its alumni. Until his death in December 2003, this was personified by Dr Harry Porter, whose relationship with the Footlights lasted over forty years.

CFAA will also provide administrative stability for the Club. Because the personnel of the undergraduate Committee changes every year, long-term planning has traditionally been very difficult.

The associations's specific functions will therefore fall into two categories: administrative support for the Club committee, and events and services for alumni.

If you were in the Club, and want to know more, get in touch.


I was in the Footlights - can I publicise something here?

We hope so. Get in touch and tell us all about it.


Are these questions really frequently asked? They look like you've just made them up.

You wouldn't believe how many times we're asked that. QED.



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